Final Cartridge 3 PCB only


PCB only version of Final Cartridge 3.

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PCB only version of Final Cartridge 3.

The “Final Cartridge 3” is a cartridge, which can be operated on the Expansion port of the C64 or the C128. It was developed in 1987 from the company RISKA B.V. Home & Personal Computers (based in: Rotterdam in the Netherlands). It provides over 60 new functions to the C64-user (e.g. BASIC-Extension, Fastloader and -saver for the 1541 with an acceleration factor of 10, Freezer, Monitor). Additionally there is a graphical user interface (Desktop) with windows (similar to GEM or Windows). From the hardware there is a Reset– and a Freezer-Function. The 1581 is not supported.


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