Reprom 64 – PCB only


The Reprom64 is a multi-ROM adapter for the C64

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The Reprom64 is a multi-ROM adapter for the C64, which allows all ROM devices to be replaced with a single 64kb 27C512 Eprom. The Eprom can accommodate four kernels, four fonts, and two basic ROMs. Any selection from these ROMs can be set using the control lines. A GAL16V8 decodes the chip select signals of the individual ROM blocks of the C64 and addresses the Eprom accordingly.
There are two different types of motherboards with regard to the ROM components of the C64: from the older revisions up to and including Assy. 250466, three separate 24-pin ROM modules are installed directly next to each other. On the newer revisions with the Assy. Kernel and Basic are packaged in a single 28-pin device, 250469, while the font ROM is still in a 24-pin device to the left. In addition, the individual revisions sometimes differ significantly in the distances between the blocks.
However, the board of the Reprom64 is suitable for all C64 motherboards. The board can be built for a particular type of motherboard by soldering the adapter bars and jumpers in different ways.
On the older motherboards, the Reprom64 is plugged into the central Kernal socket and accesses the required chip select signals from the basic or character set socket with the aid of additional adapter pins on the left and right.
On newer motherboards, however, the Reprom64 is placed in the combined Kernal and Basic socket and only takes an additional Singal on the left of it font socket.



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